BossLady’s Fab 5 Summer Must-Haves

BossLady's Fab 5 Summer Must-Haves

Summer is in full swing and I CANNOT live without the following summer necessities:

summer kicks

1. Kicks: Now if you know me and/or follow me on the social media – you know I LOVES Me some SHOES…… all shoes….. I don’t discriminate but since most of my days have me running from one place to the next then to the gym, I’m typically rocking some cute kicks. NOW – Experts say you should replace your athletic shoes (kicks) every 300-500 miles of running. Now, I say, if they’re cute, you love them and they make you happy BUY EM!!! From there, you know which kicks you need to rock for your next sweat sesh….

2. Wireless Headphones: I have spent big money on the Bose, The Beats and the PODS and nothing hurts more than to spend $150 plus on wireless headphones only to lose them, leave them at the gym and/or find them on the floor chewed up by your dog MAX….. So, while out shopping for all my copy paper and ink cartridge needs at the Office Depot – yes your heard me right – OFFICE DEPOT, I found a pair of BPM Wireless EarBud headphones for $20.00 – I figured why not give them a try – they’re cute, rose gold and cheap – how bad can they be – well I love them and go figure – I haven’t lost them… quality is good, decent sound and best part – if I lose them or Max chews them – it doesn’t hurt as much…..headphones

3. Active Sunscreen: Look, whether you’re catching a workout outside the gym or walking into the gym – I CANNOT stress enough the importance of sunscreen. Now this is coming from a very fair skinned (white girl) BossLady. It’s a MUST MUST HAVE…. I do not leave home without it… My personal favorite – I use daily is Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30, however, if I’m getting my workout on outside or heading to the beach or getting in some pool time – I use nothing with less than SPF 50 that is sweat resistant. Now, remember, you have to reapply every couple of hours to get true sun protection….just sayin’….sunscreen lotion






gym bag

4. Gym/Beach Bag: Find a great gym bag (like this one) that will help get you out of the house and into the gym! There are so many to choose from that fit your personal style and that have a compartment for everything from your electronics to dirty gym clothes to chocolate, I mean your favorite protein bar. My preference? A bag that can double as a beach bag to give you more bang for your buck and bonus this one happens to match my $20.00 wireless earbuds (bonus)…..

5. MY HydroFlask: Our daily water intake is ALWAYS important especially in the dog days of SUMMER. My water bottle of choice is my custom designed HydroFlask. It’s super cute, environmentally friendly and keeps my beverage of choice cold and refreshed for up to 24 hours. Now, I will let you in on a little BossLady secret – my favorite summer drink to keep myself hydrated is our PLANT BASED BCAA. I am OBSESSED with our XAA HYDRO STACK – MADE WITH COCONUT WATER. I love all our flavors but right now I have to say Tropical Candy is my fav…. Definitely keeps me feeling refreshed all day.

xxa hydro stack mango splash
Enjoy the rest of your summer loves!
Be Great, Do You & Laugh!
xo BL

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